my #streamteam april

A long time ago, in a world that unironically wore acid wash, when you loved a TV show you had to make sure you were home six minutes before it started. (One minute to pee, five minutes to grab as many snack options as possible.)

There was always the possibility of panic in the land. What if you missed the first few minutes? (There was no Internet or PVR for a second chance.) What if your stink-faced brother had called dibs on the "good" TV? (Man, being an only child would have been the sweet life.)

Pop culture was precious. It didn't care about you. You had to bend to its every whim. And you did because otherwise the next day on the playground you would have to kick the dirt with your LA Gears and nod all fake knowingly about what Brandon did or did not do with Kelly because YOU MISSED IT AND LIFE WAS 46% LESS WORTH LIVING.

I often imagine ducking into a time machine. (I think about time machines a lot. Never feasible inventions or ideas. Just Back to the Future fantasies non-stop.) Swiping my access card and popping just out of frame from that 13 year old me and wildly beckoning myself over. (I was a dumb kid. I would have gone.) I would tell young me that in the future Netflix would make TV so ridiculously accessible that the hardest thing would just be watching every title on our list and getting more than three hours of sleep a night when wrapping up Season 3 of House of Cards. At that point a suspicious playground monitor would probably call the cops, and young me would have inched away from old me with a watery smile and weak nod. 

Then I would travel back to a Chinatown-era Jack Nicholson party or the Mesozoic Era and then back home. Because seriously, guys, my Netflix list is not going to watch itself.

This month was a combo of a heavy heavy flow of catch-up "why have I not watched this yet?" combined with new releases.

House of Cards :: I'm sure I set a new personal record for blasting through this series. All three seasons in about five weeks? Episodes snuck in and around living, working, parenting and sleeping. I'm impressed with my dedication and the false confidence I now have in understanding US politics. I dare a nerd to corner me at a party now. I WILL spout things fictional characters on TV have passionately yelled like they are FACT and TRUTH and LAW. I will also find all the women at the party and be like, "Um, why didn't anybody tell me about REMY?" 

Daredevil :: Because my father was a VCR and my only friends growing up were sitcom characters*, it makes me feel comforted and pleased when I love a show's opening credits. Double bonus spin of the wheel when I love the show too. Daredevil is dark and funny and gory and riveting and you root for the bad guy to fall in love. Plus! Ninjas! Omelettes! Russians creating weapons out of dead dude's ribs! 

Scrotal Recall :: The title is so on the nose that it makes you sneeze, but it's totally cute, only six episodes and a charming way to end a week spent calculating taxes and then calculating how much of the money I made that I might as well have just lit on fire. 

Sarah and Duck :: I put this show on for Stella after scanning through the kid shows that didn't involve shopping, singing, high school, being a brat or being annoying. She reacted as she always does when I dare to select a new title: scuttled down behind Dad's chair like she was pooping, and then sobbed. As soon as the show started, like always, she got sucked in, crept out from her Grumpy Old Woman Hole, and watched it forevermore. This British delight is the TV show equivalent of a blanket fresh from the dryer paired with a mug of tea and a neck massage. I could listen to it all day. Watch this immediately even if you don't have kids. Even the duck's quacks are soothing.

What are you watching and loving on Netflix Canada? Eventually I'll finish my list, so keep the recommendations coming, yo!

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.

*May or may not be true, but I love TV so much I feel like this could be the case