my juiciest pregnancy surprise {blunt moms}

There are some things they simply do not mention in those imposing thick pregnancy journals they sell in the "Baby Shower" sections of bookstores. 

Having fluid stream from my crotch for hours upon hours in labour was just one of them. So, I did the proper thing and wrote about it for Blunt Moms.

image via Blunt Moms

image via Blunt Moms

"Over the next few hours I spread my juices all over that hospital. All totaled, I sprayed spurts of my sweet nectar:

  • Through my underwear and pants
  • On the examining bed
  • In and on the examining room toilet
  • All over the hands and wrists of three student nurses"

To get the full scoop on all my juicy labour escapades, you can keep on keepin' on here.