for the working moms {coffee + crumbs}

Some websites make writers really hungry to get their words published on them. I have been lurking all around coffee + crumbs since their inception, and I finally gathered up my britches and all my finest phrases and sent in a submission.

Seeing that it's all about my Mom, my kid and being a working Mom, they published it in May right before Mother's Day. In case you didn't see me bragging it about it on every social media's street corner, it goes a little something like this:

image via coffee + crumbs

image via coffee + crumbs

"For the first few months I sat at my desk every day and wished with my whole heart that I was at home. The two of us snugly tucked under a wily blanket fort, where we would eat snacks that ruined our appetites, turn pages of thick board books and then drop down sleepily into our beds for a nap before the sky got a little purple and dinner had to be conjured."

Keep on keepin' on here.

{As always, thanks for travelling the whole wide world web to read my stories. You are the best.}