four reasons why i can’t play with my 4-year-old {scary mommy}

Of COURSE I know I should play with my kid. Of COURSE I do. Sometimes. 

Mostly I'm confused about her rules, and try hard to not snap, fall asleep or whip a weird toy over my shoulder and pretend I can't find it. So, I wrote about it for Scary Mommy.

image via scary mommy

image via scary mommy

"I have one daughter who, all things considered, is a dream. With a little bit of cereal, smooches, Netflix and bubble baths, she lives a good life. She sleeps when I ask and has better manners than I do. For the most part, she’s a great kid that I’m proud to call mine.

Until she asks me one loaded question, and then she’s my worst nightmare.

Here’s why her seemingly innocent request, “Mama, can we play?” makes me want to tantrum."

Keep on keepin' on here.

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