4 reasons we chose french immersion for our daughter {the european mama}

Come September, I have a kid in kindergarten. We have no idea how she's going to get there, if they'll let her eat 3 cheese strings and 16 marshmallows for lunch, or if her Little Mermaid ballgown is appropriate attire, but it's happening. It's all happening.

What I do know is that she will be entering into a French Immersion Program. I feel no qualms or nerves or butterflies about that decision. If you want to know why, I wrote all about it for my friend The European Mama's handsome and wise website.

image via the european mama

image via the european mama

"But where there lurks a tiny dollop of trepidation and sadness, there is also a seed of excitement that is starting to sprout because we enrolled her in a French Immersion program.

Have we ever uttered a word of French in our home? Non.

Am I worried? Not at all.

After a lot of research, hand wringing, and long detailed conversations with the parents of some French Immersion children, here’s why we chose to plop her into a French Immersion program."

Keep on keepin' on here.