curses! {hello creative family}

How old was your kid when they first dropped some verbally delicious profanity? 

We had a good run. Stella bust out her first curse word last week at the ripe old age of 4 and a half. In my first column for Hello Creative Family I share all the blue details. (Have you checked the HCF site out yet? It's so crafty and clever. They clearly do not know I have never even glued googly eyes onto a pipecleaner. Please don't tell.)

image via hellocreativefamily

image via hellocreativefamily

"Even though my husband and I both love a good-timed and cleverly insulting salty curse word, the day our daughter was born we had an unofficial pinky swear agreement – let’s try and keep our language G rated around her tender pink ears.

(Essentially this makes me a verbal Jekyll and Hyde. The second she is with Grandma and out of earshot, my mouth lets loose with a barbed tangle of profanity that would make a pirate blush. It just feels so good).

It’s been surprisingly easy. My go-to trick is to talk like my Grandmother. “Oh SUGAR.” “For heaven’s sakes!” “Well, I do declare that is just poppytalk.”

I’m like a Victorian heiress in the body of a Gastown Mom."

Keep on keepin' on here.