if you like reading while drinking, you will love my new book

Is it okay to call it "my book" if I have to share pages with exceedingly talented and funny and radical Mamas who I wish lived next door to me?

I'm going to say YES.

I'm going to be in another book, like whoa...

I'm going to be in another book, like whoa...

As of TODAY (Jun 16) you can purchase a paper or kindle copy of Martinis & Motherhood - Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! from Amazon.com. (If you want it from Amazon.ca, it will be available later this summer. The Canadian Internet is weird, I know.)

Here's the down low:

"Mom’s Night Out is set to have a new theme starting this June when Burlington-based publishing house Tipsy Squirrel Press releases its first anthology called Martinis & Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe & WTF?! The book pairs up short and relatable stories of motherhood with customized martini recipes inspired by the tales themselves."

So, if you have any amount of vacation reading time carved out for yourself this summer, you'll need this book to toss into your beach bag. If you like to give gifts of feelings and drinking, you'll stockpile this book. If you want to know how very very very bad I am at math, you'll have to buy this book to read my original story, "The Popsicle Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree."

It doesn't escape my attention how fortunate I am to be published in a third book. Editors believe in me and they hold my words aloft and gently press them into pages so that I may constantly feel like a legitimate writer.

A special thank you to Shannon Day and Tara Wilson who created Tipsy Squirrel Press and conceived this project. I'm sure the path of getting this book from brainstorm to print has had a bazillion speed bumps and they handled them all with ease, grace and humour. Thank you for letting me be a part of this, dear friends. If anyone deserves a drink, it's you two.

SO, let's party! Ain't no party like "clicking here and buying a book because I said so" party!

Thank you readers for continuing to support my stories in all the places they land. Your eyeballs and comments and love and engagement are truly the wind beneath my wings.