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Everybody has that special someone. That actor or musician or entertainer that is seemingly dipped in sugar, is practically perfect and can do no wrong. You're blinded by your admiration (lust) and will seek out every project they dabble in no matter how god-awful and pandering it may look.

When I was a pre-teen, Corey Haim was the ONE. Every movie he starred in, no matter how dumb or ridiculous or low budget it looked, come opening night my movie ticket was purchased and gripped snugly in my sweaty chubby fist. Until I got my popcorn, then both hands were fully invested in transporting every fat-soaked kernel into my chew hole. (PS - Remember when movie theatre popcorn made with coconut oil was deemed to be the devil's snack with as many calories as 18 Big Macs or something and now we all LOVE and chug and bake and gargle with coconut oil? Nutrition is weird.)

I grew up. (Sort of.) Some things have changed. Haim is dead. (LET'S JUST NOT TALK ABOUT THAT FURTHER.)

I still eat popcorn like a ravenous wombat. 

But my main man is Idris Elba.

Most women with a working vagina and eyeballs know what's up.

If you don't know what's up, you didn't watch The Wire. Which, I only really have one word for you. SHAME. You can redeem yourself with one more word. Luther. Bonus three more words: It's on Netflix. All three seasons, which are short and powerful and will creep you the feck OUT.

Then after you have all the feelings for Idris, on October 16th he is going to challenge us. Like really push us to see how much we can stomach. Have you seen the trailer for Beasts of No Nation?

It's going to be a ROUGH watch. Gorgeous. Emotional. Devastating. Beautifully framed and paced (thanks to the genius of Cary Fukunaga who lensed the first season of True Detective). But I will leave this film not liking Idris Elba. That's okay though. I respect actors willing to take on roles where they are monsters. Because the actors who DO IT for us always redeem.  

Since we're looking ahead in this column, let's keep on keepin' on. While I wait for more popcorn to go through its butter bath, I must alert you to two more upcoming releases this October.

When I saw them on the schedule I was all YESS, I'mma yell at everyone to see these! 

Ex Machina (Oct 19)

This was a really cold yet beautiful rendering of the future. The special effects are flawless, the acting is marvellous and the story is a whopper.

It Follows (Oct 19)

This is the best horror movie I have seen in a very very long time. You know it's something special five minutes in. Visually striking, and the score beautifully adds another creepy level of depth to an already creepy story. There are three moments where I jumped, pedalled my feet on the couch and did that low strangled groan of "WHY AM I STILL DOING THIS TO MYSELF AT 38 YEARS OF AGE?" Answer: fear makes me feel alive and helpless and pulls me out of my body and life and obligations and responsibiltiies and all the chores I should be doing and just lets me be in the moment, nearly pooping my pants and getting butter all over the couch.

Pretty perfect right?

img via  scifinow

img via scifinow

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.