my #streamteam november

So, that was a MONTH. Even as a Canadian, I felt all the crushing disappointment and raw despair that came after the election results. I have so many incredible friends that are American who I had now words for. I could only send Internet emojis and the offer of my couch or inane stories if they needed a break.

This month, more than any month that I can remember, I used Netflix to escape. Even if it was just for a few minutes to let my brain stop whirring and spinning. I dove deep down under the current of real life and let myself get lost in some incredible storytelling. It helped remind me that art is good and art is uplifting and art will survive to help tell stories and keep us warm when everything feels bad.

Here’s what soothed all my rough edges this month.

Narcos Season 2

Will I ever tire of drug lords and their Dad sweaters in the 80s? NOPE. Season 2 of Narcos is just as harrowing, stylish and "I can’t believe he is still free" as the first season. Their set design alone keeps me coming back for more.

No Tomorrow

A charming rom-com that goes down easier than a mug of red sangria, this sweet sitcom is based on the premise that a bearded hipster has predicted the end of the world so let’s not waste a second more on tedious shit that doesn’t matter.


The opening credits let you know what kind of movie this is – raunchy, clever and self-aware. It was also filmed in my city so I got to be a Mom-nerd and gasp to myself "I KNOW THAT ALLEY!"

Amanda Knox

This is a stylish and well-produced re-visit to one of the weirdest trials I’ve ever heard of. (And I am a gross murder aficionado.) While I appreciate the lack of evidence and motive, I still don’t think I’d sleep peacefully in the same room as Amanda Knox.

The Dark Knight

Hot damn, is there a better paced opening scene? I still remember being in the IMAX theatre watching it and not realizing I was holding my breath. I RARELY re-watch movies and my Netflix list is hefty, but one night I just really craved this.


This was my lone choice that I knew I wouldn't be able to shake. There was no escape. This is real and you need to be ready to feel horrified, angry and educated. Ava DuVernay's documentary and its quiet force will knock you off the couch.

The Lobster

The sweetest and weirdest romance I have ever seen depicted on screen. Why am I laughing? Why am I crying? WHAT IS HAPPENING? It all works because everyone involved has committed to the wholly real-but-not-real tone and they never waiver. Everyone said it was wonderful and I 100% agree.

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.