avoid holidaze in 4 easy steps (because I love you) 

“We’re a whisker away from Christmas Day…”

And I promise this whole blog post will not rhyme.

(I hate poetry. Have I ever told you that? It’s an art form that’s basically a love affair with short chunks of text and I’m so poorly cultured I swear my head moves back and forth like a cat with a laser when I try and read a sonnet. SAWNIT. Dumb word, also.)

I’ve completed 89% of my Christmas To-Do list and I’m feeling pretty confident that I haven’t forgotten a major person in my life. This year I not only declared to myself (in the mirror, toothbrush microphone turned to 11) that I would be CHILL, but I also followed through and WAS chill. If you know me at all, you’re either impressed or think I’m lying.

missteenussr.com - so chill - #ElevateTheSeason

I even held it together when 3/4 of the tree lights burned out on November 16, and for 5 seconds I contemplated hucking the whole thing off the deck. I breathed through it. (The 3 for $60 3-wick candles already merrily burning in the corner helped.)

If you need some Zen, with no hemp and lots of cheese, here is what got me through.

Do what makes you happy
Every night I ignored the dishes and read short and sweet Christmas stories with Stella. I bought her a sweater from the boy’s department at H & M because it kind of matched one I have and we did a photo shoot in her room on a lazy Saturday. 

missteenussr lightning bolt photoshoot - #ElevateTheSeason

I let her eat more than 4 cookies at a time. Before bed.

missteenussr - one more cookie - #ElevateTheSeason

I sang the chorus from Moana’s “You’re Welcome” every single day while popping out from behind a corner. (Seriously, see that movie. It’s magical in every single way.)

I paid $15 for two small bags of artisanal marshmallows and ate them all in one sitting. I entered a million online contests for things I don’t need but I did it because winning makes me happy. 

Don’t do the things you’re supposed to if you hate them
I didn’t stress myself out trying to think of the next Viral Sensation Family Christmas Card. I instead carefully signed a few (store-bought) cards to hand out in person to my best girls, and a few are on their way to some delicious women down South. My hand is not cramped. I’m not panicking about "if they send me a card and I don’t send them a card, will they never read my blog ever again?" And I used the money earmarked for postage on marshmallows. 

Eat what makes you happy
See above re: marshmallows. And late night gourmet popcorn and every last crumb on a charcuterie platter and some gluten free pizza and sushi and eggnog and spiced nuts and Lindt balls and lemon cake and all-dressed potato chips and mulled wine and oh yeahhhh January will be tight jeans and kale, but for now, we eat all the carbs and sugar.

missteenussr.com eats all the popcorn - #ElevateTheSeason

Take care of #1 (Aka you. YES, YOU.)
I’m an admitted martyr. I take on all the tasks, all the chores, all the running around, all the To-Do lists. I’m not sure why. I have help (lots in fact) but sometimes forming the words to ask feels like defeat. This year I tried to be better with my own expectations and reaching out when I felt like I was starting to drown. Slowing down my pace, especially on weekends helped too. I didn’t schedule anything early in the day so that I could get up and actually pad around in my old awkwardly-fitting robe and make breakfast for my kid, and shower without feeling that giant ticking clock in my head clanging away. 

First thing in the morning I always down a large glass of warm tap water with lemon (spa-like, I know) but the next thing to touch my lips is something realllly goooood that I am about to go HAM about, so hang on tight.

The new weapon in my "Treat yoself, damnit" battle is Bulletproof® Coffee

Guys, it’s SO good. It's what I’m drinking to deliciously power my way through these last few pre-Christmas days of play dates, gift wrapping, work deadlines and fatigue.

missteenussr - BulletProof Coffee - #ElevateTheSeason

There are just THREE ingredients to make this magic, but they are important. 

The Bulletproof® Upgraded Coffee Beans are SPECIAL. Before you drink them they live an enviable life, you guys. They are “grown at high altitude on single estates in Guatemala, hand-harvested, carefully processed, handled and roasted to maintain maximum integrity and flavor.”

These beans are coddled and inspected and only make the cut if they pass quality and purity standards. These beans are more loved than I am.

The butter is actually unsalted ghee, which is a fancy word for clarified butter and also super fun to say. This ghee comes from grass-fed cattle; cows with soft ears living the dream basically.

missteenussr - grass-fed ghee - #ElevateTheSeason

The final ingredient is Brain Octane Oil made from 100% coconut oil. Based on the name you can probably guess that it helps your brain. Plus, the way your body absorbs it creates fast energy with no crash aka Hellooooo new friend. Do be cautious as this oil can slide through your guts like a hot weasel, so start with 1 TBSP to be safe. (My stomach is not always my best friend and I was just fine with that dose.) 

missteenussr - Brain Octane Oil - #ElevateTheSeason

There’s your cast of characters and here’s how they get together and ready for your mouth.

Brew the coffee. Dump some hot water into your blender to acclimate it for the incoming heat, swirl it around for 5 seconds, and dump out. Pour in your coffee, 2 TBSP of ghee and 1 TBSP of Brain Octane Oil and blend until you can see a luscious foam form.

missteenussr - Bulletproof Coffee foam - #ElevateTheSeason

Pour into your most bad-ass mug and enjoy. It’s creamy, with a hint of salt and a depth of flavour that I have a hard time describing since I’m not a fancy food blogger so you will have to just try it for yourself.

missteenussr - BulletProof Coffee - #ElevateTheSeason

It’s now a staple in my kitchen for a few reasons. I love the taste. I like how it doesn’t give me caffeine jitters. It keeps me full for a shocking amount of time. (I am normally starving after I wake up. Not anymore.) It’s good for me. Finally, with the few steps involved it forces me stop running around and take a minute for myself. I become a kitchen scientist, making my magic brew. Sure it’s just a drink. But I love doing all the things for everyone and when I pause and make this coffee for myself, I am taking that time for just me. 

Straight up, I’m putting the Me back into Merry Christmas.

missteenussr - peace out - #ElevateTheSeason

Bulletproof® Coffee is sold in a million stores, online, and their starter kit is a perfect place to…start if you’re curious and/or want to be more like me. Treat yourself. Be open to new things. Drink your butter like a luscious morning Mom cocktail. You deserve it. 

For even more stories of how Bulletproof® Coffee has helped harried bloggers this time of year, check out the hashtag #ElevateTheSeason on all social channels.

(I was provided with a BPC Starter Kit & compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. Like all sponsored posts I only write them if I genuinely love the product. You know I’m good like that.)