my #streamteam december & my 2016 netflix recap

As I peck this post out, 2016 is pretty much in the bag. Another yeeeear of delightfully avoiding real life to watch Netflix. Except when I watch True Crime documentaries and scare myself so badly I sleep with 89 lamps on at night.

As my memory is a trash compactor filled with gravy, I love looking back at every #streamteam blog post of 2016 and being reminded of what I deemed freak-out worthy. If I missed something you loved, please let me know. If we're not in this together, 2017 is going to be lame.

Here's what I loved this year on ye olde Netflix. ❤️


January 2016
Highlights: NOT Making a Murderer

"I’m not proud of these moments. Proof: I never do it around anyone else. I know it's terrible. I don't want to be judged or get the side-eye from parents who are better than I am.

SURE, there might be a glint of fear in her eyes. SURE, I feel guilty about losing my cool and becoming a cartoon character of a spazz Mom. But: it works.

That volume and fever pitch slices through everything and lets her know when I've had enough. When the line has been crossed. When she needs to listen up or her world will suddenly become way less filled with toys and Ever After High: Dragon Games (now streaming on Netflix!)

I'll miss this tool in my parenting toolbox. But I don't want to be a momster and I don't want my kid to think yelling is an appropriate way to get what she wants. Because what if she grows up and turns into a terrible human being that is the star of a VERY BORING documentary."

{CLICK HERE to read more...}


February 2016
Highlights: Love :: Tangerine

"When I was 10 years old I only needed a few things to make me ridiculously happy: very high crunchy bangs, Babysitter's Club books, strawberry fruit roll ups, my brother to not look at me, a large clear bag of gummy 7-11 5 cent candy, Guess jeans pegged at the ankle and the latest issues of Bop, Big Bopper and Teen Beat." {CLICK HERE to read more...}


March 2016
Highlights: Daredevil Season 2

"Season 2 of Daredevil dropped and because life is SO VERY UNFAIR, I am still not finished. If you like any of the following, you will be in agreement that it has been a VERY GOOD season: (no major spoilers)

  1. Ninjas
  2. Stairwells
  3. Drills
  4. Justice
  5. Kissing
  7. Monologues in cemeteries" {CLICK HERE to read more...}

April 2016
Highlights: The Mindy Project Season 4

"I endured April. I didn't enjoy it much. I think there were a few Saturdays where I got red-faced tipsy and hugged my friends and husband but otherwise, my plate was FULL of nonsense that kept me apart from my beloved Netflix.

Taxes were due. (Insert balloon farting noise.)

Prince died. (Insert 8736574 doves crying.)" {CLICK HERE to read more...}


May 2016
Highlights: Chef's Table Season 2

"Things I love that my 5-year-old kid also loves: nail polish, saying "whatever" under my breath, plain white buttered rice shovelled from plate to mouth like a machine, group hugs, sugar, sleeping, reading, staring at people fighting, polka-dot socks, bubble bath, tickling people but never being tickled back, dinosaurs, birthdays, ice cream, smacking people on the butt and sparkly jewellery.

Oh and NETFLIX." {CLICK HERE to read more...}


June 2016
Highlights: Sleeping in, plucking chin hairs in one fell swoop

"So, now, I'm the parent of a KINDERGARTEN GRADUATE.

(Cue me curled around a Diaper Genie, weeping, wiping my tears with tiny onesies and gently scratching my face with their 67 metal snaps.)

This aging thing is no joke. When I go from 33 to 38, it's not a big deal. A few more unfortunate chin hairs, a mild yellowing of my teeth and a fairly harmless crisis wherein I cut off and bleach my hair to resemble my 18 year old self. Otherwise - NO HARM.

But newborn to 5 is a long and uncontrolled explosion. My heart and head are battered and swollen and in shock most of the time." {CLICK HERE to read more...}


July 2016
Highlights: Beat Bugs :: Stranger Things

"There is no place in our collection for "kids music." We decided a long time ago there is enough amazing music that we love that is also completely appropriate for kid's ears. (Sexy Motherf-cker is on hold for now.)

As we ordered the start of a Beatles collection on vinyl, in one of those weird coincidence life moments, I got an invite to a Beat Bugs Launch party. (Ain't no party like a Netflix party LET ME TELL YOU.)" {CLICK HERE to read more...}


August 2016
Highlights: American Crime

"The question I’ve waited my whole life for someone to ask me:

"Want to see a dead body?"

No. NO. Oh God, maybe? Yes? I…. No. Definitely NO.

YES. YES, I TOTALLY DO." {CLICK HERE to read more...}


September 2016
Highlights: The Princess Bride

"Stella and I just had birthdays. She is six and, based on the purple storm clouds under my eyes and unwillingness to learn how to pronounce "bae," I am 106, or so. When I was a kid, lots of things were very different. Dungarees was a word and a thing. So was "Beta" and "nards" and "Loni Anderson." {CLICK HERE to read more...}


October 2016
Highlights: Black Mirror S03 :: Cropsey

"I feel like every October is a trying month with the amount of wet wetness and dark mornings and that sinking feeling that I once again do not have a cool adult Halloween costume for myself. October 2016 had a few unique surprises up its asshole sleeve." {CLICK HERE to read more...}


November 2016
Highlights: The Lobster :: Narcos Season 2

"This month, more than any month that I can remember, I used Netflix to escape. Even if it was just for a few minutes to let my brain stop whirring and spinning. I dove deep down under the current of real life and let myself get lost in some incredible storytelling. It helped remind me that art is good and art is uplifting and art will survive to help tell stories and keep us warm when everything feels bad."  {CLICK HERE to read more...}


December 2016
Highlights: Sing Street

Unless you are a MONSTER, this movie will charm the pants off of you, with your underwear not even tangled up in one leg. It's for everyone. It's for brothers. It's for music lovers. If you've ever been young. If you've ever been jaded. If you've ever been scared. If you've ever been disappointed. IF YOU LIKE WONDER AND LAUGHING AND CRYING.

I love that I can wrap up my year of Netflix with such a golden recommendation. 2016 wasn't always kind. I sincerely hope in 2017 we can all find moments where we feel as uplifted and hopeful as the lads in this film.

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.