my #streamteam march

A million years ago, before I had a husband or a child or any paycheque common sense, my boyfriend (same guy, minus the ring) and I would spend vast swaths of weekends swarming the shelves of comic book stores.

I was raised a strict devotee of Archie and Co. This new world of graphic novels - slick, sexy, punishing stories accompanied with gorgeous and brutal art - was glorious. If you were an impatient girl who liked cliff hangers (not me) you could buy each individual comic as it came out. If you were a gluttonous yet patient girl you could buy the whole run of the story once it was compiled into a novel. (Basically the same way Netflix so beautifully enables us folks who like to gorge until our eyes hurt.)

I liked the dark stuff. The scary stuff. The mysteries. The monsters. The evil that men do.

The run of Daredevil comics that I jumped into introduced me to Wilson Fisk and Punisher. These men were complicated and terrifying and smart and fearless - the best kind of villains.

So when Daredevil debuted last year and Vincent D'Onofrio embodied his every tic, I was so satisfied. A good bad guy is everything when it comes to comic adaptations. Season 1 was really very good and I was completely satisfied.

But then.

Season 2 details leaked. One of my favourite actors had been cast as Punisher.

CUE: Mild mannered Mom starts counting down the seconds until the bloodshed!

I can't watch needles, mosquitoes biting people or anything eye-gore related. Scary trailers make me swear out loud in the theatre. But I was doing internal jigs over the prospect of this crazy vengeance seeker making everyone bleed.

Season 2 dropped and because life is SO VERY UNFAIR, I am still not finished. If you like any of the following, you will be in agreement that it has been a VERY GOOD season: (no major spoilers)

  1. Ninjas
  2. Stairwells
  3. Drills
  4. Justice
  5. Kissing
  7. Monologues in cemeteries

I am so completely satisfied with this show right now. After the bitter disappointment of Jessica Jones (I was so bored with everything's genericness that I abandoned ship 3 episodes in), Daredevil has been a delicious palate cleanser. With ninjas.

What else did I do this month? Why are days and weeks and month riotously flying by? Do I only notice because I'm so old? Remember being 16 when every day was so long you would get impatient for something ANYTHING to happen?

I miss 16. I have the same amount of pimples and 364637 more responsibilities. Ugh.

The best way to escape feeling your age is to laugh (SEGUE!)

I watched Antman on a rare lazy evening and, Lord, I laughed. Paul Rudd should be president.

OH WAIT. I also mainlined House of Cards Season 4 at the beginning of the month. I ripped through that whole season so obscenely fast. Like 3 days and done. I was so mad at myself. Everyone is so cruelly smart and watching Robin Wright stalk her way through that role is like a cool cloth on a feverish forehead. If I was a re-watcher, I'd start at the beginning and watch this whole series again. At least this kind of government madness is safely fictional.

On the kid front, Netflix maintained their rep as providing the best mail days with the arrival of this Lego Friends: Friendship is Magic play set.

Lego Is Magic: missteenussr's march #streamteam

No joke, there were 90+ pieces but her Dad tagged in and did the heavy lifting while I swanned in near the end to offer "help." She's been immersed in this play set for glorious chunks of time over Spring Break which left me able to hide in the corner with my iPad, headphones and ninjas.

Netflix, let's always love each other this much, ok?

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.