my #streamteam september

Stella and I just had birthdays. She is six and, based on the purple storm clouds under my eyes and unwillingness to learn how to pronounce "bae," I am 106, or so.

When I was a kid, lots of things were very different. Dungarees was a word and a thing. So was "Beta" and "nards" and "Loni Anderson."

Kid's movies were super different. In the 80s, kids were tougher and more street smart and knew about Bad Men and aliens and bullies and divorce much too soon. That meant the movies made for us didn't sugar coat anything. (Cue me being dragged sobbing out of the theatre as scientists butt-probed E.T.)

They also showed us fantastic adventures dreamed up by writers from the 60s who might have been stirring ground magic mushrooms into their Sanka. (The Neverending Story and Labyrinth were not conceived by sober people.)

Because I am so old I always forget about the best movies of my youth. As if Facebook can read my mind (it totally can let's be real), this Buzzfeed List popped up just for me  - 25 Movies from the 80s That Every Kid Should See. 

I got excited! As my main interests in life are sleeping and eating junk food when she is sleeping, I don't have many opportunities to share my passions with Stella. I quickly added a few titles to my Netflix queue, and on my birthday eve, as we snuggled up in the corner of the couch, I introduced her to The Princess Bride.

Image via Deviant Art

Image via Deviant Art

She had questions:

Why is he in bed?

Who is that man?

Is that the Princess?

Who is he?

Does he love her?

Does he love wood?

Does she like horses?

Whose horse is that?

Why is he so tall?

Why is he so short?

What is in the juice?

Is poison real?

Why did he switch cups?

Is he tired?

Why does he sound like that?

Where are they going?

What is that noise?


Why is he climbing?

Can I sword fight?

Why does he jump like that?

Why are they sinking?





I don't like it.

Why is he so mean?

Why does he want to kill him?

What is the machine doing?

I don't want to lose years from my life.

Why does he wear a mask?

Why can't he move his arms?

Is he dying?

I love her dress!

Can I wear that dress when I get married?

Why is he so mean?

So, that wasn't as special as I'd imagined. Adventures in Babysitting is up next, but now I know better.

Before I hit Play and the familiar notes of "And then she kissed me" fade in, I will come armed with these ice cream sandwiches. They're dummy-proof so Stella can help make them (aka I will supervise and lick the spoon) then she can cram them into her question hole and give me at least 3 minutes of blessed silence.

What's your favourite childhood movie that you got to experience again with your kid? Would you also LOVE if Netflix had a "search by era" option? Lemme know in the comments!

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.