becoming brave and bold in 2017 #fuelyourawesome

You may not know this about me, but I am a Grade-A NAYSAYER.

It's often embarrassing because I trash something, try it begrudgingly, then fall in love with it.

For example:

Goat cheese
(Hastily dismissed it as "sour goo" too early. Then figured out how to properly eat it and fell in loooove.)

Blue cheese
(On top of a rare steak? CAHM AHN.)

Ginger beer
(My throat tingles for 5 days after but it's so worth it.)

Cracked black pepper on strawberry sorbet

Spin class
(Everything hurts and sweats and my crotch is extremely displeased but I am a monster on 2 wheels.)

Winter sports.
Let me tell you about me and mountains. I have only hiked them in the summer, hunched over cursing and angrily swatting away bugs. I am surrounded by gorgeous frosty peaks 4-5 months of the year and I skillfully ignore them. My Mom broke her leg skiing when she was a teenager, and I have the grace and balance of a newborn foal. Thus I determined a long time ago that me + snow = danger.

My niece recently had her birthday party up at Cypress Mountain. We were going tubing. Cue me imagining myself in traction for 8 weeks, each limb swathed in a cast held aloft by complex hospital contractions, and no way for me to check Facebook.

I was...apprehensive at best, grumpy and huffy-puffy as we drove up into the snowy hills.



Once my brain and body figured out I was not going to die, and wearing jeans wasn't going to result in 2 frozen Popsicle sticks for legs, I was INTO it.

For the first few turns I joined a cluster of my nieces and Stella, hands and legs and tubes intertwined so we flew down the hill as a yelping clot of girl.

The last 3 times I declared I was going solo, and just for the hell of it, asked the cold, patient and over-worked teenagers manning each slope to "spin me."

This is me attempting to film myself spinning. It was supposed to be longer and awesome but I think you get the gist of it. The breathy thrill in my voice. The crunchy snow. My bravery at full blast.

I'm almost 40. I need to smarten up and quit leaning towards "no" every single time I am asked to try something new. It was the exact same scenario with Bulletproof Coffee. Unsalted ghee + Brain Octane Oil + coffee = no thanks. Then I tried it and, you know, kind of fell in love.

After Christmas I leaned on it even more to help fuel me through the BORING AND GROSS early days of January aka the worst month of the year. What I pour down my gullet is just one step towards shaking off the sugar and deep-fried magic of Christmas.

Being mindful about eating is just one part of my self-care equation. I needed to sweat again and find the motivation to DO IT. That's where local trainer and genuinely joyful dude Dai Manuel came in with his Whole Life Fitness Manifesto. It sounds scary but it's SO NOT.

Signing up for his FREE program and joining the WLFM Facebook group gave me:

a) Daily workouts sent to my Inbox

b) Accountability

c) Inspiration for when it was 11pm and I hadn't done the workout yet

d) A reminder that what I did yesterday doesn't define me. I can make a positive and healthy decision today and look forward and say "yes" to being a stronger and braver Brooke.

In the day-to-day minutiae I often put my self-care last. I'm so guilty of this. Work, work, work, wife, wife, wife, Mom, Mom, Mom, work, work, work some more.

With Bulletproof Coffee, their insanely delicious protein bars (the nut butter makes the texture truly delicious), and my daily reminders to sweat, breathe and stand tall, I am choosing to start my 2017 with big brave steps towards the BEST me. I deserve it. My family deserves it.

It is a proven fact that my brain and body love me best when I choose the proper fuel. I'm turning 40 in September and I want to bust through into my next decade like the Kool-aid man into a living room filled with terrified kids.

No more doubt. No more "no."

YES to all the adventure. YES to treating my body with respect. YES to writing more and loving more and reading more and listening more and all of the more.

"More" is my word for 2017, I guess. How will YOU #FuelYourAwesome?

{I am a paid ambassador for Bulletproof Coffee however all opinions are my own. Like all sponsored posts I only write them if I genuinely love the product. You know I’m good like that.)