my 2017 #streamteam december

I normally scramble and publish my monthly Netflix wrap-up on the last day of the month but LOOK AT ME BEING ADULT-ISH for once in my life, ever.

Lately I have found calm and peace in the mundane activity of being organized. I'm swooning over de-cluttering! I'm smiling to myself as I donate pounds and pounds of outdated children's books and toys. I'm sorting things! Creating a place for everything and then subsequently putting everything in its place.

So, if you wondered what joy at 40 looks like, it is matching a lid to every piece of Tupperware. It is decorating your home for Christmas with the tiniest of knick knacks, naming said knick knacks, and saying hello to them as you pass by. It is deeply scented candles, clean corners of the bathroom, neatly made beds, omelettes made with fridge leftovers, and never running out of Pledge wipes. It is orderly and cozy and clean and fantastically boring and I sleep WELL in this life.



Another change I wish to accomplish this year is to have all the gifts wrapped early. Last December 24th I sweatily crouched over a wobbly stack of odd-sized gifts, that seemed to double like they were Gremlins I had fed after midnight, with a bottle of wine I periodically took large warm swigs from, and cursed my way through the whole festive process.

This year I will create a night where I surround myself with 18 rolls of tape and 6 pairs of scissors so they can't POSSIBLY go missing every two seconds. I will remember to wrap the gifts from Santa with a different roll of paper. I will use a wine glass, like a LADY. The final touch will be a Netflix series keeping me company. 

Here are some series I adored and wish I could start over, and some new ones I am dying to dive into. Funny, creative, dark, delicious. They aren't festive but they ARE the perfect accompaniment to a night of stress-free wrapping, or a night where the spiked eggnog and the rain lashing the windows is demanding you stay in under a slanket.


Godless (Women kicking ass? Yes, please.)

Dark (Subtitled so you will have to do your finest multi-tasking wrapping & reading.)

Big Mouth (Puberty, friendship and hormone monsters, oh my.) 

The Good Place (SUCH a great first season, guys.)

Ozark (Loved the first episode then life got in the way.)

Chef's Table (DON'T WATCH HUNGRY.)

This will be my last Netflix post of 2017. I still have hundreds of titles on My List and I can't wait to tackle them and report back to you in 2018. Thanks for being here, for reading, for commenting and for never making me feel like watching this much TV is bad for me. Merry Christmas! xo

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.