making better mom memories with groupon coupons

Do you ever wonder what memories your child will remember most when they grow up? Memory is a funny thing; how does our brain choose what to keep and what to set fire to? What joyous parts of my youth had to be clear cut to try and cram in algebra? What parts of my teenage years were set free when I had to learn baby CPR?

When I was 17, my Mom took my brother and I to Seattle for Christmas. We stayed in a fancy hotel and went to a SuperSonics (RIP) game, and I remember racing my brother down the plush hallways, buying tootsie rolls the size of my arm from an exotic drugstore (RiteAid) and catching a ride back from the game in a plush stretch limo (which was there for someone else, but they never showed up to claim it.) My single Mom was busy and tired and worked damn hard for every penny every day, but she loved taking us places so she could a) spend real quality time with us, b) explore new places together and c) give us a taste for adventure so we would stay hungry and pursue it when we grew up.

I need to honour her efforts more. 

But, life. So boring, so tiring, so much work and bills and dinner time and, and, and.

I get tired and stuck, and Stella is content to play with friends down the hall or watch her iPad and suddenly the day is over and the weekend is tucked in and we didn't do anything special or unique. I didn't spend enough 1-1 time with her. I didn't tell her enough how lucky I feel to be her Mama; that she is the best part of me and her Dad; that her face is the best thing I see every day; that I never tire of enveloping her cold wiggly fingers in my Mama bear paw.

I need some fresh ideas for my weary brain. I need some adventure inspiration.


How does it work? Easy as pie. Just browse Groupon Coupons before taking 15 hours to get everyone's coat and shoes on, pick a retailer and look for a coupon. They have over 55,000 FREE coupons for more than 10,000 stores aka SO MUCH MONEY SAVED. Without algebra, I still know that is a good thing.

We could go to Victoria's Secret together and she can find out my deadly secret which is my bras hold approximately 2% flesh and 98% artful padding. It will be a rough and devastating truth that will ring in her ears and haunt her dreams until she hits puberty and discovers if my A-Cups have successfully (and terribly) been passed down.

making better mom memories with a little help from Groupon Coupons 1

An option more in her wheelhouse: we could go to Toys R Us for a lady date and she can learn all about manipulation after I tell her "okay, you can choose ONE thing" and then we leave with 16 things not including gum and baby wipes I don't really need.

Or, I could jump on Hotwire for a discounted local hotel room, because how F-U-N would I be as a Mom if I took her for a night in a beautiful hotel and we ate room service and swam in a band-aid-free pool and star-fished in King-Size beds? SO fun. Also hotel pillows and hotel toiletries are magical.

making better mom memories with a little help from Groupon Coupons 3

I don't want Stella's primary memories of me to be Morning Mom, hissing at her for the 78th time to HURRY UP, or Bedtime Mom who is short and sometimes lies about having to go to the bathroom so she will let go of my arm. (In the moment, it feels smart; When I type that, it feels monstrous.)

I want her to remember my butt dances, how I always caved when she asked for one more handful of marshmallows, my excellent voice work with Star Wars stories I didn't give a shit about, and all the adventures we had together, when she was 6 and 3/4 and the best thing about every one of my days.

making better mom memories with a little help from Groupon Coupons 2

{This post was sponsored by Groupon. All opinions, Caps Lock and swearing are my own.}