my 2017 #streamteam may

I did a lot of real-live-person stuff in May. (Versus my usual eyeballs-poking-out-from-luxurious-blanket weekend slothery. I did more stand-up! I bombed but it's okay! I helped plan and attended a stagette where I did a Beyonce dance class and learned that with age I have grown 67% more terrible with organized choreography! I got spoiled for Mother's Day and was reminded again how lucky I am to have a husband who collaborates with my kid to make me feel so special!

I also discovered my local DollaRama carries shrink-wrapped packages of cooked and peeled beets for $1.25. 11-12 small beets for under $2!

It was a great month filled with unexpected pleasures and I am NOT ashamed to say the beet find was right up there.

How about my programs? Oh some old faces finally came back and some new shows made me tingle happy. Here's what I streamed in May.

The Heavies

House of Cards Season Five

When real-life US political headlines feel like they are ripped from The Onion most days, is there still a place on the palate for House Of Cards? I SAY YAY. The theme song still gives me chills and lets me know: smart bad people are about to stir it up. It's smart television and we all need that more than ever. (The season dropped May 30 so I'm only 2 episodes in but it's already excellent.)

The Keepers

If you are a true crime aficionado, this is absolutely required watching. My keys for a successful and haunting documentary/series: thoughtful direction, intriguing real-life players, a mystery, a reason to care about the mystery, a monster, passion, fear, empathy and hope. The Keepers is about two bad-ass women in their 60s investigating the 1969 cold case murder of their former teacher but it's SO.MUCH.MORE. Even though the worst parts will stay with you forever, this is a powerful story that is a must-watch.

The Palate Cleansers

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Four

Name another hit sitcom that has ZERO dead weight. I sincerely LOVE every actor and character on this show and am doing my very best to not gulp down this whole season in one go. 

Sarah Silverman - A Speck of Dust

Now that I've done live stand-up three times, I'm pretty much an expert on it. (*wipes imaginary glasses on sleeve*) I have always loved Silverman's super upsetting jokes, and this special has a few. What it has an abundance of is insight, double backs, jokes explained in a way that makes you laugh harder and a feeling like she is operating at her highest capacity as a storyteller.

Master of None Season Two

A love letter to Italy, New York, food, family, and friends both brave and tall, I never wanted this season to end. And when it did I needed a blankie to howl into and a plate of pasta the size of the moon to eat my feelings away.

Don't be a Dummy and Watch These Movies ASAP

American Honey

Tied for my favourite movie of 2016, I don't think everyone will love American Honey. it's long and strange and the cast will break your heart. It is the realest real realness I have ever seen. There were a few times where I felt embarrassed eavesdropping on a scene and had to remind myself it wasn't a documentary. A female British filmmaker wrote, directed and perfectly captured the cadence and mood of a gang of teenagers in the middle of anywhere USA trying to make a buck and take care of each other when nobody has taught them how to do either. Shia LaBeouf may be a creative spazz in real life but that helps here with a terrific unhinged performance, rat tail and all.


Even if it hadn't won Best Picture in the great Oscar kerfuffle, anyone who saw Moonlight last year knew it was the best. The chemistry between the two leads in the third and final vignette will leave you hot and bothered. As a whole, it it will leave you broken but all the pieces are still there if you look hard enough.

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.