my 2017 #streamteam september

So I turned 40 this month and BOY HOWDY did I get bamboozled. I was whisked away to Ucluelet for a long weekend by my best girls and GUESS WHO WAS THERE WHEN WE GOT TO THE CABIN? (Not Idris Elba. Sorry.) My best girl Sarah who had secretly flown in out of Hurricane Irma's MOUTH. This weekend has been planned for over a year. ONE YEAR, friends. Do you know how overwhelming that feels thinking about all that time, thought, love and cash being poured into you? I was near tears all weekend. It was magical perfection. Drinking sangria in the hot tub. Beach walks in the fog. Squatting by the beach bonfire in a trance, stuffing the newfound magic of a peanut butter cup s'more in my mouth. Laughing until my stomach collapsed. It was four full days of magic and if this was my introduction to 40, surrounded by all the love and all the cake, I am SO into it.

the view from our bonfire

the view from our bonfire

Oh and when I got back, I also got a beautiful dinner at a beautiful restaurant with family and dear friends and ALL THE FLOWERS so I understand if you hate my guts right now. I am the most grateful for an incredible month that I never could have even dreamed of.

she endured the flowers to watch her beloved shows

she endured the flowers to watch her beloved shows

The only downside? Not enough time to watch Netflix. Can you even. Here is what I wanted to watch and what I NEED you to watch right now. 

The Good Place

A good show that gets great when you're not looking. The second season is now airing so HURRY AND CATCH UP.

First They Killed My Father

A shoo-in for best Foreign film, Angelina Jolie for sure is going to devastate me with this.

Jerry Before Seinfeld

As comforting as his stand up still is, my favourite parts of this documentary are the flashbacks, chats with his old comedy buddies and one particular visual of him seated on the ground, surrounded by yellowed sheets of paper containing every joke he's ever performed.

The Confession Tapes

Can you imagine...confessing to a crime you didn't commit? Do you think you're too smart to ever do that? Me too. But this show, man...

Gaga: Five Foot Two

I think Gaga's generic music is the least interesting thing about her. The person is the thing for me because she is extra in every way and I'm looking forward to the (meat) curtain being pulled back on her personal life here.

Strong Island

In case I needed to get rid of any extra moisture after such a special month, this looks like it will do the trick.

As a member of Netflix Canada's #streamteam I will be giving you the straight goods on what I'm watching each month in exchange for a yearly membership. It's a match made in heaven, really.