making memories the easy way {giveaway}

I take a lot of pictures of my kid but I tend to only film her when she's being totally dumb or weird because I want decent blackmail leverage for when she's older. 

But she needs to stop getting older pretty quickly because I'M SORRY NO. When she's too big for me to swing her over my shoulders when I need her to COME ON NOW, then I will be wrestling-style tapping out and standing nervously on the sidelines with my whole hand in my mouth. Crying and mumbling unclear thoughts about boys, periods, bullies and WHAT ABOUT ELSA AND ANNA? 

Here's the good news.

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want want want {vol.1}

So, if you're keeping score at home you know I own a pair of jungle cats printed tights and a loud floral pair that were scooped up and worn way before they were cool. Both purchased at Targets in the United States. Both well worn and dare I say TREND CHANGING? (Frantically searches through the Vice Magazine Do's)
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my most embarrassing moment {guest post}

Kate Hall from the amazing Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine with My Morning Quiet Time? let me share the most embarrassing story of my life. Based on my continual lack of coordination, I predict this won't be the last time I humiliate myself in public. Come, laugh at me, won't you?

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perfect ten {vol.12}

I didn't recognize the kid that we threw a party for last weekend. If I could ask her, in all seriousness, if her soul slipped from her body and left a vindictive pouting crispy shell of a human in her place, I'm certain she would say a soft "yes."

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the only thanksgiving recipe you'll ever need {trust}

When the holidays roll around, I forsake all my Paleo chia seed convictions, and just want to baste my whole body in butter. (It's also way easier to avoid hugs from unpleasant relatives if you’re dripping with grease.)

One of my favourite recipes to unveil onto a Thanksgiving potluck table with a great flourish is something I lovingly call the Green Monster. It was born in the deep suburbs, in the kitchen of my paternal Grandmother, and I hope one day my daughter will gross her friends out with it too.

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