my 2017 #streamteam september

So I turned 40 this month and BOY HOWDY did I get bamboozled. I was whisked away to Ucluelet for a long weekend by my best girls and GUESS WHO WAS THERE WHEN WE GOT TO THE CABIN? (Not Idris Elba. Sorry.) My best girl Sarah who had secretly flown in out of Hurricane Irma's MOUTH. This weekend has been planned for over a year. ONE YEAR, friends. Do you know how overwhelming that feels thinking about all that time, thought, love and cash being poured into you? I was near tears all weekend. It was magical perfection. Drinking sangria in the hot tub. Beach walks in the fog. Squatting by the beach bonfire in a trance, stuffing the newfound magic of a peanut butter cup s'more in my mouth. Laughing until my stomach collapsed. It was four full days of magic and if this was my introduction to 40, surrounded by all the love and all the cake, I am SO into it.

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my 2017 #streamteam august

Stella starts Grade 2 in six days. While all the parents across the land celebrate the beginning of the school year, I am UNHAPPY. It’s not because I lament the passing of time. It’s not because our summer was magical and I can’t fathom its sad finale. It’s not because I’m already stressed about helping my Big Emotions Kid navigate the Melrose Place-ish twists and turns of being 7 and only loving or hating people.

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my 2017 #streamteam june

So it's the end of June which means the end of another school year and you should have a kid because there is no better way to helplessly watch the months slip off a calendar and feel your bones and gasp like a fish unceremoniously flipped out of water. HOW IS SHE ALMOST SEVEN, DEAR READER?

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(contest closed) it's a book party and you're invited PLUS a *GIVEAWAY*

It's been a HOT SECOND since I did any meaningful writing and maybe that's because I saved all my good shit for the NEW BOOK I'M IN THAT YOU CAN BUY TODAY.

*fires confetti gun*

*gets confetti in eye*

*spends weekend worrying about losing that eye*

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