why is THIS in my purse?

I bought my purse on a hot day in Japan on my honeymoon seven years ago. It is purple and one of the pockets is held together with a safety pin. I obviously love it a lot but every single day I shove my hand in it for something I need and pull out 47 things I do not.

This is a fun game I like to call “Why is this in my purse?”

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my #streamteam may

Things I love that my 5-year-old kid also loves: nail polish, saying "whatever" under my breath, plain white buttered rice shovelled from plate to mouth like a machine, group hugs, sugar, sleeping, reading, staring at people fighting, polka-dot socks, bubble bath, tickling people but never being tickled back, dinosaurs, birthdays, ice cream, smacking people on the butt and sparkly jewellery.


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