why you and your vagina need to see Magic Mike XXL {bluntmoms}

As IF you need my prompting.

But, here you go.

It's better than the first movie.

It's kind. It's smart. It's SO FUCKING FUNNY. It likes The Backstreet Boys.

And the dancing is ridiculously great. Beyonce would be jealous.

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read this naked

Do you read Cosmo magazine? I don’t and never have. Not even when I shit.

Despite Cosmopolitan’s strong beginnings and best intentions, in today’s media it shows its age. The front cover screams its antiquity and the "scandalous" cover teasers seem downright quaint when trying to be “risqué.” I feel like even Cosmo’s target demographic (blondes in US colleges and desperate housewives) must be hip to the fact that everything between its covers is all pretty much nonsense. 

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i love apple cider vinegar

God knows I love a good elixir. Tea, coffee, juice, heady liqueur; even warm bathroom tap water can taste like sweet nectar under the right circumstances.

I love it even more when there is Internet-sanctioned bountiful health benefits attached to a liquid (unless I have to go out of my way to buy equipment, learn to do something or grow something). So, sorry laborious juice cleanses, wheatgrass smoothies and herbal tinctures. I think you’re sincerely cool, but just not as easy and delightful as my new tart sidekick: the new future that is Apple Cider Vinegar.

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