i'm not ready for kindergarten {blunt moms}

Guys. As parents we all know about nipple cream, cloth diapers, swaddling, treats for toilet training, hiding sweet potato in brownies, temper tantrum safe words and how to caaaaarefully quietly open the wrapper of something delicious that you don't want to share with your kid.

But nobody warned me about the tidal wave hurricane sharknado of emotion that overcomes you when you really really realize your 8 lb baby is suddenly going to SCHOOL.

I wrote a little ditty about it for Blunt Moms. I'd love it if you took a gander.

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Have you seen Frozen? It’s become part of the very fabric of our lives since Stella saw it in the theatre (her first large scale cinematic experience) and, as was reported back to me (working Moms feeling guilty and shitty about missing milestones since 1972), she sat still and rapt for the entire movie. No movement or vocalizing. Wouldn’t let my Mom or brother even think about leaving until the entire credits had rolled and the popcorn sweepers had ambled into the theatre.

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