perfect ten vol. 13 {my favourite links of 2014}

I read a lot of delicious, funny, heartbreaking and thought-provoking pieces in 2014. Narrowing them down to just 10 links was tough as hell. 

I could have easily made this list 200. But let's ease into this new year by savouring small bites of brilliance. The posts that camped out in my brain, despite my sieve memory. I think you'll love them too.

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a very merry windy and friends holiday {and giveaway too!}

If you have a kid, you let them either goof around on your phone or they have a device on which to goof around. There are literally 4 kajillion kid's Apps in this world and I swear my kid has scrolled through them all.

Electronic babysitting is better than a kick in the teeth, for sure, but the enthusiasm I have for each one depends on a few key features.

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fargo on fx (can't wait!)

currently obsessed (*vol. 36)

Here now are the things I am here and now really really into. 
*Extremely doubtful I have done this column 35 times already but I am having a minor love affair with the number 36, so, we'll just go with it. 
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