missteenussr made this! {vol.2}

Is there any problem a pan of rice krispie treats can't solve?

Well, not if the problem was how to not eat an entire pan in a 24 hour stretch.

They're fucking useless with solving that problem.

Deliciously useless.

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the only thanksgiving recipe you'll ever need {trust}

When the holidays roll around, I forsake all my Paleo chia seed convictions, and just want to baste my whole body in butter. (It's also way easier to avoid hugs from unpleasant relatives if you’re dripping with grease.)

One of my favourite recipes to unveil onto a Thanksgiving potluck table with a great flourish is something I lovingly call the Green Monster. It was born in the deep suburbs, in the kitchen of my paternal Grandmother, and I hope one day my daughter will gross her friends out with it too.

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missteenussr made this! {yogurt covered blueberries}

Back in 2010 when I was breastfeeding for what felt like 17 hours out of every day, having Pinterest on my phone saved my life. It let me create these tiny worlds, faux realities where I gardened, crafted, remembered how to use Photoshop and knew what to do with asparagus and truffle salt. I pinned my days away. 
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