making better mom memories with groupon coupons

Do you ever wonder what memories your child will remember most when they grow up? Memory is a funny thing; how does our brain choose what to keep and what to set fire to? What joyous parts of my youth had to be clear cut to try and cram in algebra? What parts of my teenage years were set free when I had to learn baby CPR?

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i am the queen of snacks and i just found my new favourites #fuelyourawesome

If I ruled the world there would be a lot of changes. Nail clippers would be handcuffed to bathroom sinks so you could NEVER do that nonsense in public. Cheese would be a food group. Adult naps would be mandatory. Adults could occasionally act like 3-year-olds and not have to share anything if they don't want to. 

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avoid holidaze in 4 easy steps (because I love you) 

“We’re a whisker away from Christmas Day…”

And I promise this whole blog post will not rhyme.

(I hate poetry. Have I ever told you that? It’s an art form that’s basically a love affair with short chunks of text and I’m so poorly cultured I swear my head moves back and forth like a cat with a laser when I try and read a sonnet. SAWNIT. Dumb word, also.)

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get your Groupon Coupon on!

Remember when we had to Christmas shop using only our our feet? Remember MALLS?!

Ok, it's not the year Cyber638282 yet. I know many of us still mingle with the masses, sweating in all the wrong places because it's -67 outside and +68 inside the mall. (Malls should have Coat Checks. And flask rentals. JUST A THOUGHT, MALL MANAGEMENT.)

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