font party

Squarespace is too too much right now. Too many fonts to choose from. I can feel the ghostly hot breath of my Langara classmates looking over my shoulder and pooh-poohing my choices.

I have never had a good eye for that shit. I am more of an idea person. Like, right before I crash at night I'll think of a revolutionary way to do/fix/write/decorate (blank), and despite my fairly impressive collection of amazing notepads and notebooks, these revelations get forgotten, whispy cotton candy ideas that softly drift away and get caught up in the dust bunnies that run this apartment. Like a small government of them, making decisions like, no heat for the weekend! It's the end of November and we're all riding the roller coaster of the worst cold - that teases with a day or two of mild health, then boom, green mucus sink party everybody!

Okay, hot Saturday night party making fun of RapCity. I'm ashamed to be Canadian a whole lot of the time. Other than Beachcombers, we ae mostly dreadful as far as entertainment output.