why you and your vagina need to see Magic Mike XXL {bluntmoms}

As IF you need my prompting.

But, here you go.

It's better than the first movie.

It's kind. It's smart. It's SO FUCKING FUNNY. It likes The Backstreet Boys.

And the dancing is ridiculously great. Beyonce would be jealous.

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missteenussr's best of 2014 {my jams}

In 2014 I figured out a few things. The big takeaway was that one cannot blog in a bubble.

You need friends. You need support. You need love and comments and sharing.

You need to reciprocate.

You need to push yourself and be kind to yourself.

You need to remember - it's just BLOGGING. 

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read this naked

Do you read Cosmo magazine? I don’t and never have. Not even when I shit.

Despite Cosmopolitan’s strong beginnings and best intentions, in today’s media it shows its age. The front cover screams its antiquity and the "scandalous" cover teasers seem downright quaint when trying to be “risqué.” I feel like even Cosmo’s target demographic (blondes in US colleges and desperate housewives) must be hip to the fact that everything between its covers is all pretty much nonsense. 

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i'm not ready for kindergarten {blunt moms}

Guys. As parents we all know about nipple cream, cloth diapers, swaddling, treats for toilet training, hiding sweet potato in brownies, temper tantrum safe words and how to caaaaarefully quietly open the wrapper of something delicious that you don't want to share with your kid.

But nobody warned me about the tidal wave hurricane sharknado of emotion that overcomes you when you really really realize your 8 lb baby is suddenly going to SCHOOL.

I wrote a little ditty about it for Blunt Moms. I'd love it if you took a gander.

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