i am the queen of snacks and i just found my new favourites #fuelyourawesome

If I ruled the world there would be a lot of changes. Nail clippers would be handcuffed to bathroom sinks so you could NEVER do that nonsense in public. Cheese would be a food group. Adult naps would be mandatory. Adults could occasionally act like 3-year-olds and not have to share anything if they don't want to. 

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avoid holidaze in 4 easy steps (because I love you) 

“We’re a whisker away from Christmas Day…”

And I promise this whole blog post will not rhyme.

(I hate poetry. Have I ever told you that? It’s an art form that’s basically a love affair with short chunks of text and I’m so poorly cultured I swear my head moves back and forth like a cat with a laser when I try and read a sonnet. SAWNIT. Dumb word, also.)

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