my 2017 #streamteam november

On the walk to school yesterday, where I vacillate wildly between feeling like "I’m such a good Mom, spending quality time with my kid and sending her off with my heart in her hands" and "HURRY UP OR I WILL DRAG YOU BY YOUR TOQUE TIES FOR THESE LAST FEW BLOCKS " a shocking revelation arose.

Stella had never been exposed to The Muppet Show.

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my #streamteam december

So, I just checked and five people clicked over here on Christmas Day. While I sweatily jammed the roof (backwards) onto a Littlest Pet Shop pet shop, and then road tripped out to the suburbs to eat a delicious meal that I made zero percent of (Dipmas is best, this is a close second), FIVE lovely souls were leaving analytic footprints all over me.

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