old mcdonald's {well fed, flat broke}

Inspired by the insanely good Life in Chains series on Eater.com, the impeccable Emily from Well Fed, Flat Broke and I did some fast food chain reminiscing. My piece can be found on her site here. (If you missed hers on my site earlier this week, it is here.)

It's a long chunk of reminiscing that is in no rush. I asked my brother about the golden arches as I was writing it and he gave me this glorious chunk of text that any connoisseur of fine fast food will appreciate.

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dairy queen {guest blogger alert}

Inspired by the amazing Life in Chains series on Eater, local food writer and cookbook author Emily Wight and I decided to write about the fast-food chains that we love purely and deeply.

You can find my McDonald's story on her blog Well Fed, Flat Broke here and her DQ sweetness right down below.

While you could read this on the toilet (my preferred perch for most of my long-form internet reads), may I humbly suggest you enjoy it while shovelling something deeply unhealthy into your mouth.

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