my #streamteam september

Everybody has that special someone. That actor or musician or entertainer that is seemingly dipped in sugar, is practically perfect and can do no wrong. You're blinded by your admiration (lust) and will seek out every project they dabble in no matter how god-awful and pandering it may look.

When I was a pre-teen, Corey Haim was the ONE. Every movie he starred in, no matter how dumb or ridiculous or low budget it looked, come opening night my movie ticket was purchased and gripped snugly in my sweaty chubby fist. Until I got my popcorn, then both hands were fully invested in transporting every fat-soaked kernel into my chew hole. (PS - Remember when movie theatre popcorn made with coconut oil was deemed to be the devil's snack with as many calories as 18 Big Macs or something and now we all LOVE and chug and bake and gargle with coconut oil? Nutrition is weird.)

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