my #streamteam november

So, that was a MONTH. Even as a Canadian, I felt all the crushing disappointment and raw despair that came after the election results. I know so many incredible and diverse Americans who I adore and who I had no words for. I could only send Internet emojis and the offer of my couch or inane stories if they needed a break. This month, more than any month that I can remember, I used Netflix to escape. 

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my #streamteam may

There is a feeling in the wind. There is a message it carries in my open living room door. It says, "Summer is nigh."

Every year I hear that whisper and have to decide if I have the fortitude to ignore the sun slicing through the blinds, passive aggressively daring me to come outside and join the rest of the world dappled in Vitamin C.

Because we all know where I'd rather be.

Huddled under a leopard print slanket in an air-conditioned underground cave with no kid, no husband, no responsibilities and lots of snacks and Netflix.

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my #streamteam february

Even though at parties I have made mighty claims (over protesting voices) that staying in a cabin is STILL camping, I am not a total priss. I could survive the cold offerings of a cruel world if push came to hearty shove. How do I know this?

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my #streamteam october

Happy Halloween you wieners! It's been a gross and scary week around these parts, which you can read about here. I'll wait. These 17 fun size tootsie rolls aren't going to eat themselves and then feel rolling guts shame afterwards. 

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