my quest for the perfect pajamas

In the immortal words of Roxette, one should "Dress for Success."

(If you're familiar with Roxette's lead female vocalist Marie Fredricksson's general steez you might not be that moved, since she dresses like one of Kiefer Sutherland's background vampires in The Lost Boys. But back in the 90s, I loved Roxette with the fire of a thousand puberty suns. I survived an abysmal family summer road trip across Canada by playing Look Sharp over and over and over. Pretending I was on my way to a gig where I could whip a microphone around and high kick to the rafters was way cooler than wrestling gumballs away from my husky younger brother's side of the seat and then chewing so many of them that I wanted to vomit rainbows out the window onto the hot tarmac.)

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