my 2017 #streamteam february

Have you ever done that super cool adult move where you are asked to do something WAY out of your comfort zone (like light years away) but because it isn’t happening for a long time, you say “yes” and, I guess, assume between then and now your very essence will change so much that by the time the thing you said “yes” to rolls around, you will be perfectly fine with that decision?


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my 2017 #streamteam january

January is the worst. Name a worse month. You cannot. And don't say September, because I know it is the month where you had to go back to school and the smell when you walk into a Staples is still traumatizing, but my birthday is in September and you may not like being celebrated and being given gifts and hugs and Facebook Pokes and gift cards and gently deflating balloons and gluten free cake perfumed with the smell of freshly blown out candles, but I GODDAMN DO.

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