perfect ten vol. 13 {my favourite links of 2014}

I read a lot of delicious, funny, heartbreaking and thought-provoking pieces in 2014. Narrowing them down to just 10 links was tough as hell. 

I could have easily made this list 200. But let's ease into this new year by savouring small bites of brilliance. The posts that camped out in my brain, despite my sieve memory. I think you'll love them too.

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missteenussr's best of 2014 {my jams}

In 2014 I figured out a few things. The big takeaway was that one cannot blog in a bubble.

You need friends. You need support. You need love and comments and sharing.

You need to reciprocate.

You need to push yourself and be kind to yourself.

You need to remember - it's just BLOGGING. 

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perfect ten {vol.11}

I'm tired. This week was tiring. Let's have a fucking nap and wake up when all my obligations are done. So, 2079. This weekend Stella's birthday party runs for two hours. That's 120 minutes. I bought 700 snacks and have been thinking really hard about cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming and replacing the burnt out light bulb in the bathroom. But really, I think slamming up a giant poster of Elsa and dumping three kinds of chips into bowls will be the grand extent of my party prep.

Oh, and the 20 cans of lukewarm Coke on the deck.

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*face palm* {guest post by est1975blog}

Remember that time Sarah from est1975blog let me lament my lack of sweater meat on her Blog?
Payback is beautiful, because here she is now guesting right here on
my Blog.
My happiness is sky high. My delight palpable. My fear REAL.

Enjoy the show folks; topping this is going to suuuuck. 


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