a very merry windy and friends holiday {and giveaway too!}

If you have a kid, you let them either goof around on your phone or they have a device on which to goof around. There are literally 4 kajillion kid's Apps in this world and I swear my kid has scrolled through them all.

Electronic babysitting is better than a kick in the teeth, for sure, but the enthusiasm I have for each one depends on a few key features.

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making memories the easy way {giveaway}

I take a lot of pictures of my kid but I tend to only film her when she's being totally dumb or weird because I want decent blackmail leverage for when she's older. 

But she needs to stop getting older pretty quickly because I'M SORRY NO. When she's too big for me to swing her over my shoulders when I need her to COME ON NOW, then I will be wrestling-style tapping out and standing nervously on the sidelines with my whole hand in my mouth. Crying and mumbling unclear thoughts about boys, periods, bullies and WHAT ABOUT ELSA AND ANNA? 

Here's the good news.

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indulge with ubo giveaway {closed}

As I get older I'm starting to care more about what exactly I'm slathering on my skin. As I confessed so elegantly here, lately my skin has started to push back. It clearly doesn't like the chemicals that dance around with glee in the cheap lotions and fragrances that for some reason I just can't quit.
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