are you lonesome tonight? {almost coherent parent guest post}

September sucked my soul out my butthole. There are no words. I ate them all. All that to say life away from the computer kept me so kerfuffled last month that I ghosted my own website. 

In times like these, when your blog sits desolate and alone, it helps to have friends. Talented and funny friends are even better. My buddy Andrew from Almost Coherent Parent has come to rescue me. I hope he forgives me for adding a "u" to every "neighbor."

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dairy queen {guest blogger alert}

Inspired by the amazing Life in Chains series on Eater, local food writer and cookbook author Emily Wight and I decided to write about the fast-food chains that we love purely and deeply.

You can find my McDonald's story on her blog Well Fed, Flat Broke here and her DQ sweetness right down below.

While you could read this on the toilet (my preferred perch for most of my long-form internet reads), may I humbly suggest you enjoy it while shovelling something deeply unhealthy into your mouth.

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four reasons why i can’t play with my 4-year-old {scary mommy}

Of COURSE I know I should play with my kid. Of COURSE I do. Sometimes. 

Mostly I'm confused about her rules, and try hard to not snap, fall asleep or whip a weird toy over my shoulder and pretend I can't find it. So, I wrote about it for Scary Mommy.

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how to write a viral blog post {guest blogger alert}

My amazingly amazing friend Olga Mecking, aka The European Mama, dropped all her amazing life responsibilities to guest post for ME. Dazzling. I love this piece as an unofficial companion to my 'how to become a successful blogger' piece that is so grumpy. I hope you love this too. Take it away, Olga!

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my most embarrassing moment {guest post}

Kate Hall from the amazing Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine with My Morning Quiet Time? let me share the most embarrassing story of my life. Based on my continual lack of coordination, I predict this won't be the last time I humiliate myself in public. Come, laugh at me, won't you?

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the 5 stages of cooking with kids {a day in the life of a drama queen's momma}

{I was away in Victoria this weekend for some sugar intake (Tout De Sweet!), some sweet half-arm sunburns, hotel lounge top shelf tequila, conversations that fed my Gremlin soul and a beautiful bridal shower in a home that I never wanted to leave.

While I was away, my guest post for the sweet-as-goddamn-pie Traci from A Day in the Life of a Drama Queen's Momma went up. A taste...}

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